Drop the playbook.
Be adaptive.

Threat simulators use playbooks and checklists. Adversaries don't. Prepare for the real threats of tomorrow with adaptive attack emulation.

Continuously challenge defenses with Adaptive Attacks™
Understand your true defensive capabilities.
Drastically reduce mitigation times by discovering tomorrow’s attacks today
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Our Mission

Drive the future of security engineering to radically improve defense.

Wargame simulations have long been aimed to improve defense tactics and operations in the military world. Apolyta takes a similar approach to cybersecurity, empowering security-engineering and secops teams to measure and improve defenses' effectiveness.
Instead of reiterating over predefined playbooks such as traditional simulations who play blind - we play adaptive, changing the rules of the cyber wargame. Eligma generates Adaptive Attacks™ that automatically evolve according to your security controls' responses.


Introducing: Eligma

Emulate actual adversaries, not techniques.
Real-world adversaries are active and responsive. They learn your environment, and pose an evolving threat. While emulating attacks is easy, Eligma emulates an adversary’s state of mind.
Prepare for the worst. Emulate it.
Emulating playbooks only prepares for playbook-attackers, or script kiddies. Eligma emulates the worst case scenario - a persistent adversary that made it in.
Steroids for purple teams.
Empower your detection engineering team with automated responsive attack emulations to deep-dive into your organization’s true defense coverage & capabilities.


Meet Apolyta’s Adaptive Attacks™

Level-up your defenses with our patented technology, your new security testing & validation standard.

Accurately measure your true security ROI.

Validate your data protection controls against Adaptive Attacks™ that evolve.

Are you sure your detections are not signature or IoC based? Don’t assume, validate.

Adaptive Attacks™ constantly challenge your defenses.

Automating attacks is not enough; we automate attackers’ state of mind.

Click 3 buttons and go grab a donut. Eligma will bypass your defenses by the time you're back*.... otherwise, a dozen glazed on us. At Apolyta, we crave for Stan's Donuts. That's probably the best option if you happen to be around the bay area. Or in general.

Vendor Agnostic

Apolyta's Eligma will thoroughly validate your environment, no matter what product, technology and approach you're using. Pick any of the logos above (or bring your own) and rest assured - we are not affiliated with any vendor, and no vendor gets a free pass.

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Redefine security testing & validation. Adapt to win.

If you want to see how your infrastructure responds to new and ever evolving threats in a live and confidential demo, let us know. Send us a message or contact us via hello@apolyta.com.

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